Ohio Boer goat breeder & Anatolian Puppies for sale in Ohio
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Breeders of Anatolian Shepherds and boer goats Ohio.

Welcome to A Hawks View Farm!

Breeders of ABGA Boer Goats and Anatolian Shepherd puppies located in Adams County, Ohio. We are Just 50 miles east of Cincinnati, Ohio. Offering Boer Goats for sale, 4-H fair show wethers for sale and Anatolian Shepherd puppies for sale in Ohio and to the surrounding states of Kentucky, New York, Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Boer Goats 4-H weather for sale in Ohio  

Breeders of boer goats...

If you are looking for exceptional South African Boer Goat genetics, great skeletal structure, long level top lines, and powerful muscle definition, our goats can deliver!

We have a great selection of full blood, purebred and percentage goats, as well as quality show wethers.Offering 4-H fair show wethers for sale in Adams county, Brown county, Highland County and Clermont county, Ohio.
Check in with us for our 2014 fair show wethers! Our kids will be born the end of Jan 2014.

Anantoian puppies for sale in Indiana

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Ohio Anatolians Shepherd Puppies for sale

 Breeders of Anatolian Shepherds located in Adams County, Ohio.

We are breeders of Anatolian Shepherd puppies located in Adams County, Ohio. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a all around dog that guards everything from chickens, goats, horses, pigs, cattle and sheep. The Anatolian Shepherd will pretty much guard whatever he lives with. The Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are also used as companions and family protectors. Many Anatolian Shepherds live on small farms, suburban homes, or ranches where they fulfill a duty of family companion/guardian, livestock guardian or show dog.

With over 20 years experience in breeding, we bred and showed Mastiffs under the kennel name of Ironclad Mastiffs. Members of the Mastiff Club Of America since 1993. Breeder of multiple Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show, record breaking Mastiffs and the top winning Mastiff bitch of all time. It is with this experience under our belt that when we started a breeding program with the Anatolian Shepherd we knew we needed to have a dog of sound body and mind and proper temperament to get the job done at hand for our farm, we chose the Anatolian Shepherd!

Our Anatoilans are from imported Turkish and American bred lines and are true working dogs raised on a working farm.

For Anatolian puppies check out our planned breedings and Anatolian puppy litters

Anatolian Puppies for sale in Ohio.

A Hawks View Farm - Anatoilan puppy

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A Hawks View Boer Goat Farm

A Hawks View Boer goats


Adams County
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Ohio Boer goat and Anatoilan Shepherd breeders

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Breeders of ABGA Boer goats and Anatolian Shepherd puppies Adams County, Ohio.